Equal Pay?


“The Truth About the Pay Gap” details just how much less women are paid then men (women make 85% of what their male counterparts make on average), and what Obama has done and is doing to eliminate that gap. The article then goes into the depth of the issues stating that “a study issued this month by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research reported that women’s median earnings are lower than men’s in nearly every occupation, including the most common occupations for full-time working women, like elementary- and middle-school teaching and nursing.” This shows how wide spread unequal pay is, that not even jobs dominated by women pay women equally. The issue of equal pay for equal work is a very traditional problem, and can be traced back all the way to the “Cult of True Womanhood”, or the “Separate Spheres” ideology that states that women should remain at home and raise their children while men worked. These beliefs enter into today’s world by saying “why pay women as much as men? they’re just going to leave for their children in a few years.” But today’s women are not necessarily interested in the domestic life and should not be restricted in pay or advancement in the workplace.


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