Frozen and Feminism

First off let me just tell you that I wrote this blog post with my “Elsa Hair” (the braid) and my “Frozen Socks” (they are blue and have snow flakes on them)and listening to the Frozen soundtrack… on repeat, and I may or may not have been singing along…
Moving right along Disney’s latest animation Frozen has been gaining a lot of attention, read obsession (read above), from, yes six year old girls, but also College girls. This young adult female population has grown up “On Disney” and are eager to show the world that Disney is capable of improvement, and that their childhoods weren’t basically spent being brain washed into becoming house wives (My “Cleaning With Disney” playlist says differently but more on that later).
However while Frozen has certainly made huge bounds, I mean who ever heard of TWO leads, and a prince that a jerk? unheard of! but Frozen does have some serious flaws. Of course one of the princesses does become Queen (and goes full fledged man woman with in an hour) and the other tries to rescue her (aided by a couple of man childs) and these are important advances but what if Ana wasn’t always a total clutz dependent of every man she finds (including a snowman) and what if the women were interested in more that marriage to the first man they met? That would be some real progress
Frozen is still heavily influenced by traditional roles for women like many Disney animations are, and ties in beautifully with some of the protests of the 1920s. When woman just wanted to dance and drink and have sex like men do, and not be dependent upon men all the time. Ana probably wouldn’t have made it as a flapper (she’d fall of a roof while dancing) but elsa shows real promise, if she wasn’t afraid of her own womanly powers. In all honesty if the role models were showing young girls today couldn’t have cut it a hundred years ago how do our girls have a fighting chance today?
As The Feminist Fangirl says “That Disney feels it’s necessary to take a female driven, female dominated story and cut it down to one princess protagonist with a dashing male helper/love interest, is honestly disgusting and one of the most blatant examples of Hollywood’s lack of faith in women in recent memory.”


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