Gender Gap Growing in Favor of Women

“The Gender Gap: Boys Lagging” explores how women are increasingly and dramatically dominating boys in school from elementary to grad school. Girls outperform boys in every subject and are admitted to college, med school, and grad school at a higher rate. This is bad news for both parties because boys are increasingly only qualified for blue collar jobs, and, despite their superior performance in school, women are paid less once they join the work force. “‘You girls work very hard, but sorry, ladies, when you get out there, we’re not going to pay you equally. And you boys, it’s OK. You can loaf through school. You’ll get good jobs afterwards.'” This trend is relatively new because until at late as the 1970s men dominated schools, especially colleges, and typically had higher degrees of education than women. This incomplete swap is the result of advocates for female education, if only boys and girls could have a fair shot at school and in work.


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