Planned Parenthood in Danger?

This article is written with a pro-choice bias. Jill Lepore writes that despite all the good that Planned Parenthood has done it continues to be the recipient of ridiculous law suits, and over restrictive laws, brought about primarily by religious groups. Lepore believes that if Planned Parenthood didn’t have to jump through quite so many hoops more good could be done in high risk areas. The belief that religious groups are holding back the progression of family planning is a valid, and long lasting tiff. Religious groups feel that all lives are sacred, women carring an unplanned baby want a way to get away from it all. Abortion appears to be a easy way out for these women even though studies have shown that it might not always be worth it. These conflicts have existed sense before Planned Parenthood was even established, when Margret Sanger was trying to spread knowledge of contraception to all people.


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