What Womanhood Means to My Generation


Being a woman today is vastly different than it was ten years ago. Companies dont know what to do with today’s twenty something women, neither do politicians, our male counterparts, even our selves, though we do know we like watching videos of cats. Seriously though what do today’s young women want? what are they like? “Beyond ‘Slut’ And Shopaholic: What Being A Gen Y Woman Is Really All About” tries to uncover answers to my questions and the results are surprising. Turns out we do more than sip wine while we shop (and watch cat videos) online. We are trying to make a new world for ourselves. Our flapper ancestors would be proud im sure. We value hard work, education, and are stressful perfectionist. We are also deeply unsatisfied, and un aware of our selves, sorry flapper great great grandma.


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