Boy Crisis Over dramaticised?
In contrast to the previous article I wrote about, this article seams to believe that boys are doing fine in school, girls are just catching up. “In fact, with a few exceptions, American boys are scoring higher and achieving more than they ever have before. But girls have just improved their performance on some meas­­­ures even faster. As a result, girls have narrowed or even closed some academic gaps that previously favored boys, while other long-standing gaps that favored girls have widened, leading to the belief that boys are falling behind.” In truth this has been closer to my personal experience but it is a good example of how problems in society are interpreted by the author. there is likely truth in both articles.


Gender Gap Growing in Favor of Women

“The Gender Gap: Boys Lagging” explores how women are increasingly and dramatically dominating boys in school from elementary to grad school. Girls outperform boys in every subject and are admitted to college, med school, and grad school at a higher rate. This is bad news for both parties because boys are increasingly only qualified for blue collar jobs, and, despite their superior performance in school, women are paid less once they join the work force. “‘You girls work very hard, but sorry, ladies, when you get out there, we’re not going to pay you equally. And you boys, it’s OK. You can loaf through school. You’ll get good jobs afterwards.'” This trend is relatively new because until at late as the 1970s men dominated schools, especially colleges, and typically had higher degrees of education than women. This incomplete swap is the result of advocates for female education, if only boys and girls could have a fair shot at school and in work.

Media Lagging Behind Society’s Evolution

“Are Men The Latest Victims Of Media Misrepresentation?” presents the growing gap between how men are presented in media, mainly television, and how they really are. Studies show that with the rise of women becoming breadwinners coupled with the recession men have found a new set of priorities more centralized by family then had been seen previously. The shift in mens’ attidudes toward home life can help propel women into the public sphere. Separate spheres, it’s time to end, let individual preference, not sex, dictate how one lives their life.

Struggles of Women in Power

“Women in power: Hypervisible, still unseen” explains that the most recent form of workplace discrimination is disrespect, or “microaggressions” leaving hard working, well educated women feeling invisible in a place of power. Discriminating against women in the work place is nothing new, although employment discrimination was banned in 1964, throughout the 80s sexual harassment ran rampant in the work place, letting women know they did not belong there.

Public Portrayl of Powerful Women

This article explores how women have been presented as both more assertive, and more corrupt than was intended when popular T.V. became a thing. Think Leave it to Beaver, and The Brady Bunch their mothers were some corrupt and powerful ladies, oh wait. The modern era has introduced a new, and devirtuised, TV woman. “Nobody expects a virtuous heroine in Congress or the White House.” by placing women at work for as opposed to at home, and in power rather than answering phones, and giving women just a little scandal we television is finally getting past the cult of domesticity.
Sherryl Kleinman, teacher in the Department of Sociology at the University of North Carolina, writes about the underlying significance in the male orientated foundation of the English language. She writes “It’s no accident that “man” is the anchor in our language and “woman” is not.” saying that the representation of sexes in language has a huge, often unnoticed effect on our society “If women primarily exist in language as “girls” (children), “sluts” and “guys,” it does not surprise me that we still have a long list of gendered inequalities to fix.” The generic male focus of our language is directly correlated to our values as a society. Clearly the issue of the “Generic male” is not a new issue, it began when men did the jobs and women stayed at home, like when men came back from WWII and became mailmen, firemen, policemen, while women became mom.

Lingering Opressive Behavior

This article lists prevailing sexist behaviors of our society, and the urgency with which these things need to change. Core issues like blaming women for being raped, and allowing violence against women to be used as a marketing tactic. The list goes on but the sad truth is that the underlying beliefs of the perpetuators of this sexist behavior should have been killed with the civil rights movement of 1960 when all people were recognized as people.

Planned Parenthood in Danger?

This article is written with a pro-choice bias. Jill Lepore writes that despite all the good that Planned Parenthood has done it continues to be the recipient of ridiculous law suits, and over restrictive laws, brought about primarily by religious groups. Lepore believes that if Planned Parenthood didn’t have to jump through quite so many hoops more good could be done in high risk areas. The belief that religious groups are holding back the progression of family planning is a valid, and long lasting tiff. Religious groups feel that all lives are sacred, women carring an unplanned baby want a way to get away from it all. Abortion appears to be a easy way out for these women even though studies have shown that it might not always be worth it. These conflicts have existed sense before Planned Parenthood was even established, when Margret Sanger was trying to spread knowledge of contraception to all people.

Goals of Current Feminist Movement

This Article is written by American Progress under economy. That right a feminist article filed as a piece about the economy, how could that be? It’s painfully simple once one understands the incredible impact women have on the national economy, how much power they hold. If roughly half the working population thinks something ought to happen, it probably will. This article demands certain economic accommodations be made to allow women to not just enter, but OWN the work place. Women aren’t asking for secretary, they want CEO, and they want to be paid as much as their male counterparts. There are several more demands made but that one is at the core, and has been at the core of many groups getting together demanding fair pay. Labor unions began popping up at the turn of the nineteenth century demanding and demonstrating until they felt that their accommodations for their work was appropriate. Women today are doing nothing different.

Disney’s Obsession with Cleaning

If the first thing that comes to mind when the word “Disney” isn’t a young woman cleaning your in for a shock. Just one google search of “Disney and Cleaning” produces pages and pages of women cleaning. Almost every movie from Mulan to Tangled to Aladen to Enchanted to the typical princesses features young women getting their scrub on, all while looking fabulous. Furthermore it is extremely rare to find a man anywhere near the cleaning, though there is one of Gaston throwing a mop looking disgusted, and if there is a “man” it’s probably an animal. So why the need to be so OCD clean Disney? Perhaps its because Disney’s formative years were during the 1940s and 1950s, a time when women were confined to the home with a whole new level of cleanliness expectations (thanks vacuum) and men were away at work all day.